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Garden of Languages provides both certified and non-certified translations
as well as a variety of other language services in many fields.

Certified and non-certified translations

Certified and accredited translators pass rigorous examinations and belong to one or more accrediting bodies. They possess a seal and are recognized by the courts. Most immigration and legal documents require certified translations. Fees for certified translations are higher than fees for non-certified translations.

Non-certified translators do not possess an examination certificate. They are experienced individuals with a range of abilities. Non-certified translation services are available at a slightly lower fee.

Available Languages
We will work to accommodate your needs in all desired language combinations.

Areas of Expertise
Garden of Languages has experts in a wide variety of fields.

If you would like to receive a quote for your translation needs please fill out our online Request Quote Form.

If necessary we can arrange for our translations to be notarized in Canada for an extra fee.

Proofreading, Editing, Transcribing, Voice Recording and Other Services are available on request.

Garden of Languages can work with a variety of document sources including hard copy originals and duplicates, faxes and all common digital file types.

We are familiar with and utilize certain CAT tools.

Interpretation services are available in certain language combinations.

Please fill out our online Request Quote Form.

Hungarian Language Lessons are available in person or through correspondence.

Hungarian Cultural/Linguistic Advisory Service
Hungarian linguistic and cultural advice as well as
information research in Hungarian issues are all available.

Garden of Languages
Supports Vancouver 2010.

Garden of Languages
Adheres to professional standards and codes of ethics governing translators and interpreters in Canada.